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Welcome to Paddy’s Shebeen! Paddy’s Shebeen is located on the Austrasse (next to the Kirchbichllift) in Ellmau and is probably the smallest pub in Tirol. Or, at least the smallest Irish pub in Tirol. Or, for sure the smallest Irish pub on wheels in Tirol… During the rest of the year we, The Shebeen and us, join a festival or two (see where are we now). And if you want we could even show up at your party (see hire us).

Shebeen (Irish: síbín): an illicit bar where alcohol is sold illegally.

The authentic Irish pub experience is not easy to define – it’s magical and warm, a cosy haven on a cold winter’s eve. It’s sipping on a pint beside an open fire, deep in conversation with people you like. It’s forgetting the world and escaping to a place where nothing other than the drink in front of you and the people around your table matter. It’s banter and laughs and fun and tears. So visit Paddy’s Shebeen for a great Apres ski Irish style on the sunny terras or join the craic inside and enjoy the Irish atmosphere, you will love it.

See you soon at Paddy’s Shebeen!

People Say…

You have an amazing establishment, excellent beer, background music, service, smiling staff and a nice atmosphere. You are amazing!!!!!


Best apres ski I think I've ever had. Very fun and the Guinness is nice! Awesome to finally have a consistent place to relax after a day in the snow. Have been telling all my friends!!!


We love this place: inviting atmosphere and the Irish beer is tasty! Great crew and nice view. See you next year.